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CBS Alacom and Smardt-PowerPax have teamed up to provide a solution for businesses seeking increased energy efficiency and customer service.

As Guam’s tourism economy picks up property owners across the island are looking for warys to re-investment in their properties to become more cost efficient and up to date.

Additionally, property owners are seeking solutions for rising energy costs and cleaner, greener technologies.

Smardt-PowerPax is a revolutionary chilling system headquartered out of Australia. It is the first high-efficiency, oil-free, variable speed, centrifugal compressor that can provide extremely high energy savings for HVAC systems. It can reduce up to 35%-50% the energy consumption of a commercial HVAC system.

Optimum Efficiency
Compressor adjust automatically to match the load and current operating conditions for optimum efficiency.

The motor becomes a generator for itself during power outages.

Lower annual maintenance costs, no oil changes or rebuilds, thus reducing service traffic in the building.

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